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TSPT / Dodgers Elite Baseball Program

Pre-Workout Testing

Physical Assessment

Orthopedic Screen – ROM/Flexibility/Rotator cuff strength
Body Fat Composition

Strength / Power

Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
Hexbar lift
Grip strength

Speed / Agility

60 yd dash
Shuttle (5-10-5)

Workout Program

The program will be a comprehensive Baseball Specific workout for the Dodgers elite team. It will consist of two segments. The first will be the build phase. This will run from 6/1/19 to 8/15/19. The athletes will workout 4x/week. During this time, they will have specific exercises to build strength and power as well as working on arm care, mobility, flexibility, and agility. Pitchers and positions players will be separated into different groups and have different programs. Two-way players will have a combined program.

Once games start, the program will decrease to 2x/week. During this phase, 8/16/19 – 10/15/19, we will emphasize arm care, mobility, and maintenance of the gains that have been made.

The program will be designed and implemented by Tim Soder, M.S.P.T. and Taylor Spriggs, CPT. The two have been provided advanced level training to baseball players for years. Mr. Soder has been holding comprehensive offseason performance enhancement workouts for MLB and MILB players since 2000. He and Mr. Spriggs are also the strength and conditioning specialist for the nationally ranked CSN baseball team.

Workout Program