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About Dodgers Elite

In 1998, Las Vegas entered the world of elite baseball development for the first time, dedicated to the exposure of elite baseball prospects. Manny Guerra, a Las Vegas baseball legend and visionary who saw a greater path for young men to enter the world of collegiate and professional baseball, created a scout team solely for that purpose. Manny convinced the St. Louis Cardinals, the team for which he scouted, to take a leap of faith and sponsor Las Vegas’ first scout team at this level. He fulfilled his promise to the Cardinals, by establishing a franchise which has seen over a hundred professional baseball players, including several Major League Baseball players, and over 500 college baseball players, hone their skills through his dream, the Cardinals Scout Team. As we enter our 21st season, our first as the Dodgers Elite Scout Team, that goal has not wavered. And while the only person that could really be known as the Face of Las Vegas Baseball, Manny Guerra, has passed away, it’s still “All About the Kids.”
In October of 2017, the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to gain operating control of the program, and we officially changed our affiliation. Led by head coach and Dodgers Scout Burlin Germany, who along with Manny Guerra have been the faces of this franchise since the inception, the Dodgers Elite Scout Team will take the field in the Fall of 2018 for their first season. The goals do not change, the platform does not change, and the quality continues to only improve, as it did every year under Manny’s watchful eye. We are excited to see this program continue and build even greater success with one of the most storied and prominent franchises in all of sports – the Los Angeles Dodgers.
But while the name has changed affiliation and the uniforms have changed colors, Manny Guerra’s legacy and what he built continues. His famous quote stands true and always will be the mantra of this program…
“It’s all about the kids.”

General Manager

Burlin Germany

Head Coach

Brian Dallimore

Outfield Coach

Matt Johns

Catchers Coach

Tommy Woodring

Pitching Coach

Jack Ayres

Media & Design

Lucas Raleigh